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CTI Business Solutions uses a variety of innovative, proven technologies to meet specific requirements. HP, Dell, Cisco, SonicWall and related Server, Storage, and Networking technologies are integrated to deliver seamless solutions to ensure high availability and performance, agility, flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Our experienced and dedicated team of IT professionals are committed to ensuring that your company’s IT infrastructure runs as smoothly as possible. CTI’s IT support system caters for companies on a contract and call-out basis. Our friendly IT staff are not only out on the road on call-outs but also in–house to help deal with customers coming in on a daily basis.

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IT Hardware.

We import a full range of high performance refurbished and new IT hardware. We offer a wide range of solutions for multiple companies nationwide. Each business will require its own individual networking system and our team are on hand to help road map your IT infrastructure.

Dedicated virtual and hosted servers.
Full range of refurbished laptops and PC’s
Network Solutions
Cloud Solutions
Routers and Firewalls
Network storage
Information backup
Remote access solutions
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IT Backup.

As well as IT infrastructure support, we also offer a range of Cloud-Based services, including Online Data Backup and Office 365. Our Online Backup service ensures that your company’s critical data is automatically being backed up every day, encrypted, and offsite, safeguarding against any risks of costly data loss.


Microsoft’s Office 365 hosted Exchange allows small companies to benefit from enterprise-standard Exchange email systems, without having to invest in costly servers.