Two types of visuals, light and thermal. Multi-person detection

We at CTI Business Solutions are able to offer some helpful solutions to combat Covid-19 and help people get back to work safely. With our extensive and proven knowledge of Thermal Image CCTV products, we can now supply "Fever Cameras". Some of the features of the Fever Cameras are as follows:


  • Instant Temperature Reading

  • Contact Free

  • Multi-person detection

  • Can Detect Multiple People in Crowded Areas

  • Upon Temperature Detection The System Can Send An E-mail, Release an Audio to Highlight Detection or Trigger Automation such as Gates, Barrier, Turnstiles etc

  • Reliable Temperature Detection to 0.5 C

  • For use in any commercial, industrial and retail outlet etc.


"Making business possible by helping to restore confidence in staff and customers."


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