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Boardroom FURNITURE.

Welcome to CTI Business Solutions, your premier destination for exceptional boardroom chairs that redefine comfort and style in corporate settings. Our carefully collection features a range of ergonomic masterpieces, meticulously designed to provide optimal support during those crucial meetings. From luxurious leather executive chairs to contemporary, sleek designs, our selection ensures that every seat in your boardroom speaks volumes about your commitment to both aesthetics and employee well-being. Elevate your professional environment with chairs that seamlessly blend form and function, promoting productivity and fostering a sense of refinement. At CTI Business Solutions, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression, and our boardroom chairs are crafted to do just that. Browse our collection and invest in the perfect seating solutions for your boardroom today.

Nationwide Supply & Fit.

Our furniture division operates on a nationwide level and we are involved from start to finish with the customer. We can not only supply the furniture, but we also offer our experience regarding recommendations on office layout and type of furniture that can be used. CTI Business Solutions will be involved from initial consultation to a fully furnished office.

Brand New
Executive Range

Our Executive Range is of the highest quality. We can deliver to anywhere in the country including Dublin, Drogheda, Cork, Galway and Donegal. We have executive office desks, executive office chairs, and much more office furniture. All these office furniture products are elite. Our Executive Range is on display at our store located in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Our Office Furniture Projects.
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