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Demand For Home Offices On The Rise.

There is a huge demand for home offices in the current climate. Trying to get the balance right can be tough! There are multiple options available from straight desks to wave desks to radial desks across a variety of sizes. When trying to decide what desk to go for make sure to take accurate measurements.

A small straight desk with a solid pine top like this one offers a neat and tidy desk space. This doesn't take up much space and will fit into the decor of most homes.

This option is an 1800mm x 1600mm radial desk and is more suited to a room with much more space than usual. This is ideally used for someone who operates using 2 screens and needs more counter top space.

This option offers a corporate look and is ideal for someone who has created a home office that they are very proud of. This walnut veneer desk offers a highly classy look and creates the perfect setting for working at home.

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